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The former princely state of Tripura (Hill Tipperah) finds mention in ancient Indian texts such as the Mahabharat and the Ain-l-Akbari and a pillar erected by King Samudragupta, now in Allahabad. The history of this proud kingdom is recorded in the Rajmala, the state chronicle maintained by Brahmin purohits. Ruled once by a series of 183 kings, the kingdom reached its zenith in 1490 under Dhanya Manikya. In time Hill Tipperah was to come in conflict with the Mughal governors of Bengal during the decline of that great empire.

Much of what had been the outer reaches of Tripura, were lost to the British when they took over Bengal. The kingdom of Tripura was eventually absorbed into the Indian Union in 1947.

Tripura has been greatly influenced by Bengal (parts of which were once an integral part of the kingdom) culturally and spiritually; Bengali was the court language. So don't be too surprised if driving along the roads you espy shrines dedicated to Kali, the important deity of Bengal.

The cultural and religious learnings of about twenty different tribal communities, in addition to all this makes Tripura a wonderful amalgam of cross-cultural diversity. Though each ethnic community enjoys its own individual cultural strengths, this melting point is often refeWoman From Tripurarred to as a laboratory of exotic cultural synthesis. This tiny state is now emerging slowly into India's tourism arena.

The beauty of the erstwhile princely state of Tripura stems from the splendour of its natural setting and its dazzling heritage. No great peaks punctuate the skies, nor are its major rivers such as the Khowai, Manu and Gornti any match for the mighty Brahmaputra. Yet its verdant expanses and rich forestlands have been a great attraction to people down the centuries and for tourists down the decades it offers a plethora of delightful attractions in its cavalcade of historic palaces, rock cut carvings, stone sculptures, Buddhist and Hindu holy places, wildlife sanctuaries and tribal people. Poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore, an honoured guest found its pollution-free, eco-friendly environment, pleasant climate and tranquility the perfect retreat to compile some of his works here. Blending into the hills and valleys, the villages are a tapestry of rich ethnic traditions.

A series of low ranges running in a northwest to southeast direction dissect the state, with elevations progressing gradually from 100 ft- 3000 ft from southwest to northeast. Bangladesh with whom the state had deep linkages before India's partition is tucked around it from three sides.

Of the 19 hill tribes who dominate its terrain, the Tripuris are the largest while the Reangs, who came in from Chittagong, are the second largest amongst the tribes living in the state. Other tribes include the Jamatia, Noatia, Darlong, Halam, Garo, Chakma and Kalai.

For the visitor, Tripura (one of the relatively unknown holiday destinations of the North East) is a bundle full of surprises. Its cross-cultural ethnic diversity, its ancient temples, its vast tracts of natural beauty and its rich tradition of handicrafts are tempting enough to draw the discerning holiday maker.


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