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One of the loveliest, but lesser known holiday destinations in the North East is Manipur. This erstwhile royal state is slowly slipping into mainstream tourism from its sheltered environs amongst the blue-hued hills and is set to be one of the hottest tourist finds in India.

One of the oldest states in the North East, Manipur enjoys its own individual identity with vigorous enthusiCultural Tradition of Manipurasm. This is reflected in the martial arts of Thang-ta and Sarit-Sarak. Its artistic leanings are visible in its graceful Ras Leela dance form and intricate hand-woven shawls. The Meiteis (of Tibeto-Burman provenance) Manipur's primary populace, inhabit the fertile Imphal valley whose eastern periphery lies in the Chindwin-irrawaddy basin. In the surrounding hills reside the Nagas in the north and its Kuki-Mizo populace to the south.

This Shangrila of the North East has a galaxy of natural wonders and cultural traditions to be enjoyed at leisure. Home of colourful people and dazzling rituals, myth and legends, lively festivals and an evocative classical dance form, martial arts and indigenous games, Manipur offers visitors a comprehensive diversity of tourist delights. The stunning environs of the Loktak Lake are a wonderful natural and cultural experience. Sundry wars in which the Manipuris played a role are commemorated in the INA museum and war memorials.

The erstwhile princely state of Manipur is a jewel of a land with its bounteous vistas of untrammelled beauty and ancient traditions. Set in an oval valley amongst smoky blue hills, it is the home of the Meitei who dominate the populace, which is an admixture of Naga and Kuki-Chin Mizo groups amongst other colourful communities. The serenity of these pristine and isolated environs has permeated the lifestyle of these people with a lavish hand, allowing them to live for centuries in harmony.

The Manipuri's inspiration arises from the wondrous balance of the flora and fauna that abound in its environs. Almost 70 per cent of the land is under forest cover. The stunning combination of wet forests, temperate forests and pine forests sustain a host of rare and endemic plant and animal life. Some of the world's rarest orchids spring from the fertile soil. Denizens of the forest include the rare hoolock gibbon, the snow leopard and slow loris amongst a galaxy of other rare fauna. Indigenous to Manipur's rich natural heritage is the sangai - the dancing deer, the rarest of creatures that is facing extinction.

Manipur is reputed for its tradition of the arts. Weaving (done by the women) is a time-honoured occupation, fine-tuned to an art form with its intricate designs in the dazzling range of sarees, sarongs, shawls and bedspreads. Each home has a loom. Even the state's martial arts are recognised for their almost poetic traditions. The economic and fluid movements of the spear dance (Ta Khousarol) and sword fight (Thang Yannaba) have a sinuous beauty. This playful, sports loving community is reputed for its indigenous version of Sagol Kangjei or Polo (it was the first place in India to have evolved this sport of kings), the Mukna Kangjei - (wrestling-hockey) and Yubi-Lakpi, a form of rugby played with a greased coconut.

Also known as the land of Radha and Krishna, Manipur, in the best of traditions, has gifted to India's classical dance repertoire her lyrical Ras Eeela dance that re-enacts the love story of Radha and Krishna. The Lai Haraoba (Spring Festival) is also celebrated with the Manipuri's graceful movements in all dance forms. Even its expressive tribal folk dances are performed with traditionally aesthetic movements.


Manipur - Information on Fairs & Festivals, Wildlife, Excursion, Adventure, Weather, Travel, Tourism, tours and Major Cities of Manipur india

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