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Land of myths and festivals, brave warriors and tribal richness, Nagaland lures the adventurous of heart. Its colourful people, great verdant landscapes and cultural strengths are a delightful combination for a delightful holiday experience. Formally enrolled in as the 16th state of the Indian Union, in 1963, Nagaland shares borders with Assam, Myanmar, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur.

Three great mountain ranges, running parallel to each other in a jagged line from north to south, comprise the backbone of Nagaland; these are the Patkal, Barail and Naga ranges from which flow numerous rivers of which the most significant are the Dikhu and the Doyang. The rugged mountainous terrain is highest in Saramati in the Tuesang district, which is 3840 m above sea level. Japfu Peak (3014 m) is the highest peak in Kohima district.

The dazzling array of ethnic lifestyles opens up fresh insights into a land that has a prism-like beauty. Each facet is honed to a bright finish that charms as much as it intrigues - as you delve deeper into its culture. Its turbulent history, song and dance, indigenous crafts, costumes and jewellery and myths and legends are an intrinsic part of the warp and weft of its traditions.

The multi-hued tapestry of Nagaland is as colourful as its festivals, as strong and vigorous as its turbulent rivers, as rich and varied as its flora and fauna...

Sharing borderlines with Myanmar in the east, Assam in its western and northern periphery, the Tirap district of NEFA in Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast and Manipur in the south, Nagaland's blue-hued mountains and emerald expanses comprise an intriguing world of ancient rituals and a proud people. This verdant homeland of the Nagas was formally inaugurated as the state of Nagaland in 1963, the 16th State of the Indian Union.

Tiger, leopard, elephant, sambar, wild buffalo and bear people its deep jungles while its vast expanses of paddy fields, fed by an elaborate indigenous irrigation system, are a veritable feast for the eyes. Known for its salubrious climate, Nagaland has considerable rainfall during the monsoons that run from June to September.

Spread over an area of 16,527 sq km, its population resides mainly in the rural area. Kohima, its capital, Dimapur and Mokokchung are its most important towns. Nagas have evolved into a generic term for many tribal communities in the North East. Of the 32 such tribes, 16 major and numerous sub-tribes spread over Nagaland's seven districts; primary amongst them are the Angamis, the Sema, Konyak, Aos and the Rengmas, each with their own distinct culture and lifestyle.

Though they were animist by tradition, almost 98% of the population embraced Christianity under the influence of English missionaries. The Nagas were also exposed to western culture when the English recruited them as a labour corps to serve in France during the Second World War. They were highly commended for their loyalty and bravery.

Naga society is a well-knit and cohesive unit living by ancient tenets that play an important role in contemporary life. One of its interesting features is the tradition of the Morung, a dormitory exclusively for men, which is the focal point of the village.


Nagaland - Information on Fairs & Festivals, Wildlife, Excursion, Adventure, Weather, Travel, Tourism, tours and Major Cities of Nagaland india

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