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Songbird Of The North East
Mizoram, land of the blue mountain, lies in the southernmost outpost of the North Eastern states. Neighbours Manipur, Assam and Tripura bound this tranquil little state, but a part of it slips down between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Evergreen, flush with blooms of exotic flora, its hilly expanses are criss-crossed by gushing rivers and their tributaries and a cobweb of silvery streams.

The forested Mizo hills with their thick bamboo jungles running in north south direction rise sharply from Cachar Plains in Assam. Highest amongst its several peaks is the Phawngpui - the Blue Mountain. Rice is grown in a few plain areas in the state, such as the Vanlaiphai and the fertile Champhai Plains east of the capital Aizawl, extending to Myanmar.

Oral tradition reveals (there is no known recorded history) that the Mizo people migrating from their homelands in China about 3 centuries ago in search of new pastureland, settled in these remote Mizo hills (Lushai hills) It was absorbed into British rule between 1891-95 and in February 1987, it became the 23rd state of the Indian Union. From the 19th century the Christian missionaries played a dominating role in the state and were greatly responsible for the westernisation of its social life. Today, the state has 87 per cent literacy and gender equality is promoted vigorously.

Clinging to their traditional roots, there has been a concerted effort by the young to propagate their ancient cultural strains. It has also resulted in bringing back to limelight some of the most colourful and joyous aspects of the gentle Mizo culture, which many vacationers have found most appealing...

Sociable, hospitable and fun-loving - the Mizos are supposed to be one of the finest choir singers in the North East. Living in the heart of nature, being woken up by bird song reflects their great affinity to the most attractive features of the land in which they live. Clinging to their identity and culture despite external influences (which threatened Mizo culture during the turbulent period after Indian independence), Mizos have ensured that it continues to thrive with unabated vigour. Every major village now has a YMA (Young Mizo Association) centre, dedicated to infuse society with its traditional lifestyle and customs. Some of the most colourful aspects of this revival is witnessed amongst the folk and community dances that have been handed down from one generation to the next. It is reflected in the important harvest festivals that are an intrinsic part of Mizo culture.

Tlawmngaihna is the code of ethics that guides the Mizos - it means everyone should be unselfish. hospitable and helpful to each other. The joyous movements of their dances and the spirited sonBamboo  Festivalgs are a deep reflection of their passion for this cultural heritage. It is evident in the rich variety of their colourful costumes. Mizoram's crafts such as those in bamboo and cane are ingeniously varied to meet modern needs - but remain rooted to its tradition.

Mizoram has 10 important dances that celebrate life in all its richness with a delightful joie de vivre that is so integral to the Mizo ethos. Amongst them are Cheraw, Chai Lam, Solakia, Sarlamkai, Khullam, Chawng-laizawn, and Tianglam. Its most important festivals, inspired by its agricultural activities, are Chapchar Kut, Mim Kut and Pawl Kut. These are accompanied by a rich repertoire of singing and dancing amidst lavish feasts. Christmas and New Year are celebrated here with great vigour.

With its galaxy of festivals and dances, natural beauty and ancient traditions, Mizoram is a kaleidoscopic 'pleasure trove' for the discerning visitor.


Mizoram - Information on Fairs & Festivals, Wildlife, Excursion, Adventure, Weather, Travel, Tourism, tours and Major Cities of Mizoram india

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