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The mighty rivers, towering peaks, and gentler slopes that abound in the hilly tracts of Uttaranchal, offer an almost unlimited number of opportunities to adventure sport buffs-be it trekking, white water rafting and kayaking, mountaineering and rock climbing or skiing.

Two mighty River Ganga sublime in her emerald beauty winds her way along pristine sandbanks and verdant forests as we travel up the Rishikesh Badrinath route. As we wind our way along the twists and turns of the mountains road, I cannot help but get excited. Our destination, the experience of a life time-an opportunity to go white water rafting on the Ganga.

TrekkiTrekkingng involves walking uphill and sometimes steeply downhill, 6-7 hours daily with 10kgs on your back. The period of the trek can vary from 1 day to 30 days, depending on the masochistic tendencies of the people involved.

Himalayas are spectacularly beautiful and can quickly stun the senses into submission. So trekking amidst the Himalayas is completely mind blowing. Uttaranchal Himalayas encompasses the major part of Indian Himalayas. Uttaranchal (Garhwal & Kumaon ), harbouring many snow covered peaks above 6,500 meters, is an excellent destination for trekkers. Remained underdeveloped for a long time the area is still in its primitive form and has vast areas of pure wilderness, holding different cultures offering a chance to have a close encounter with outstanding views of greater Himalayan range, alpine meadows, rare high altitude flora & fauna, etc. Trekking in the different valleys of pure wilderness in Uttaranchal offers one to get an insight into the lifestyle of the mountain people, their settlement patterns, customs & costumes and much more.

Panch Kedar Trek
Panch Kedars are the five distinct forms of the Lord Shivas, and are known as Kedarnath (3584 m); Madmaheshwar (3289 m); Tungnath (3810 m); Rudranath (2134 m). The treks from each temple is fascinating. The valley full of rich flora & fauna and hospitable people is very exciting for the trekkers.

Kedarnath - Vasuki Tal Trek
The trek starts from Gaurikund, where one can have a refreshing bath in the hot water sulphur springs. The trek from Gaurikund to Rambara winds along the river Mandakini forest and across beautiful waterfalls. The trek from Kedarnath to Vasuki Tal is a continuous ascent along a goat track and it offers a panoramic view Of Chaukhamba peaks. The final trek to Vasuki Tal is Downhill for 1 km. At the bottom of this, one can see Rectangular slabs of rocks.

Dodi Tal
Situated at an altitude of 3024 m from sea level, north of Uttarkashi and surrounded by dense woods of oak, pine, deodar and rhododendrons. The amazing lake is full of rare fishes and the Himalayan Golden Trouts. The trek to Dodi Tal commence from Utarkashi to Kalyani and is accessible by motor. Kalyani to Agoda is gradual climb through woods, fields and villages on a mule track. The trek from Agoda to Dodi Tal is steep and through dense forests.

Gangotri Kedarnath Trek
This trek is along the old pilgrim route from Gangotri to Kedarnath. From Gangotri one has to come down to Mala by motor. The actual trek starts from Mala, after crossing the river Bhagirathi. The trek is on equal level upto Sauri-ki-gad and from this point the climb to Belak is gradual. From Belak to Budha Kedar, to is downhill through dense forests full of birks and wildlife. From Budha Kedar to Panwali, it is an uphill climb through terraced fields and scenic villages. The marvellous view of the Garhwal Himalaya is very refreshing. The 'Bugyals' (alpine meadows ) on this trek are most beautiful, specially the Kush-Kalyani and the Panwali Bugyals.

Gangotri-Gaumukh-Nandavan-Tapovan Trek
This trek is a combination of mountain climbing, rock climbing, boulder-hopping and glacier traversing. It passes through orchards of coniferous pine trees at chir-basa and birch at Bhojasa. From Gaumukh to Nandanvan, one traverses along the Gangotri and Chatturangini glaciers. Pitch a camp at the junction of Chatturangini and Bhagirathi Gangotri glaciers. From Nandanvan, view the Shivalinga, Bhagirathi, Sudarshana, Thelu peaks and Kedar Dome. Cross the Gangotri glacier and rocky face before arriving at the lush green meadows of Tapovan, surrounded by many named and unnamed peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas.


The hills of UttaranchSkiingal are packed with adventure, excitement and thrills. Uttaranchal with unexplored valleys, sky kissing peaks, cascading rivers, snow covered mountains, abundant of flora & fauna and vast regions of lush greenness is a delightful place for all types of tourists. The region also provides immense opportunities for adventure sports like skiing and the enthralling water sports which make Uttaranchal an ideal destination for adventure seekers.

The long extended slopes of Garhwal and Kumaon covered with seasonal snow becomes an ideal place for skiing in the winter months. For the avid skier, cross-country runs of 10-20 km are now available, with the added advantage of fresh powder snow. Because of their height and expanse, Garhwal and Kumaon, like other sectors of the Himalayas, are in position to offer the thrills of exploratory long distance skiing round the year.

Auli at a distance of 16 kms. from Joshimath is an ideal winter haunt run by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN). A 3 km long slope ranging from a height of 2519 m to 3049 m is a major attraction. The Auli resort run by GMVN has snow beaters which beat the snow to keep the slopes perfect for skiing at any time. A 500 m long ski-lift carries skiiers back to the slope top, thus saving them the trouble and time to bridge up wearing long skis.

Dayara Bugyal
Bugyal in the local language means "high altitude meadow". Situated at an elevation of about 3048 mts., this vast meadow is second to none in natural beauty. During winter it provides excellent ski slopes over an area of 28 sq. kms. The panoramic view of the Himalayas from here is breathtaking.

The road to Dayara Bugyal diverts near Bhatwari a place on Uttarkashi-Gangotri road about 28 km away from Uttarkashi. Vehicles can go up to the village of Barsu from where one has to trek a distance of about 8 km to reach Dayara. Other route is via village Raithal, 10 km from Bhatwari, from where one has to trek about 6 km to Dayara Bugyal.

Mundali is situated in district Dehradun 129 km from Dehradun via Chakrata. Mandali offers a mind blowing view of the snow coated Himalayas. The place has vast ski slopes on which professional can enjoy skiing. Accommodation facility is only available at Forest Rest House and therefore it advisable that one ensures accommodation through the Forest Department, before starting the trip.


Water Sports
Uttaranchal is a paradise for adventure sports. Activities like river rafting, canoeing, kayaking etc are fast becoming increasingly popular. One can opt for Canoeing, Kayaking or Rafting, depending on the nature of the water.

Garhwal Himalayas
The icy heights of the Himalayas are the source of some of India's mighty rivers. Fed by innumerous streams they race along Tortuous boulder strewn beds, cutting deep gorges and breaking into silvery white rapids. With the intricate network of Mountain Rivers flowing through a myriad of different colours of rocky gorges, forests, flowers and high mountain villages, the Garhwal and Kumaon hills provide ideal locales for the perfect water adventure.

In Garhwal Himalayas, the sacred river Ganga offers the professional as well as the beginners the thrill of whitewater river rafting. The rivers Alakananda & Bhagirathi are the main tributaries of the Ganga and meet Devprayag, frothing from their racy descent. Their waters are grade IV to V, challenging the expert to survive the thrill.

Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort
GMVN has developed a water sports resorts at Asan Barrage. The resort is only 43 km from Dehradun-Chandigarh Shimla highway, with water sports facilities like water skiing, sailing, boating, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, etc. There are also two hovercrafts and two power boats. For wildlife lovers there is an added charm during winters, for migratory birds can be sighted in the close by areas.

Nainital Lake Paradise
In the beautiful "Lake district' of Nainital, facilities of boating through yatchs, paddle boats and traditional rowing boats are available. The Nainital Boat house Club exclusively holds the management of yatching in Nainital. In Nainital district, Sat Tal, Bhim Tal, and Naukuchiyatal also have water sport & boating facilities.

Nanaksagar Matta
Nanaksagar in Udhamsingh Nagar of Uttaranchal Hills is a place ideal for water sports. The total area of the reservoir is approximately 18 sq m. The various activities for water spots which can be organised in this reservoir are Water skiing, Yatching, Boating, Canoing, Kyaking, Wet parasailing etc. The place being nearer to the Nainital, Almora, Pithoragarh etc. attracts large number of water sports loving tourists.


White Water-Rafting
If you are a normal healthy person and without any fear of water, then rafting can be yWhite Water-Raftingour sport. A river journey is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the rural areas and natural environments of any country. White water rafting in Uttaranchal has become the modern-day centerpiece of complete vacations that can include a world of activities. The key ingredient, of course, is still the tremendous whitewater that courses through the state's spectacular mountain scenery. Uttaranchal offers one of the broadest array of river experiences available anywhere in the world, from mild to wild with everything in between. The river Ganges cuts against the rocky banks, crash into rocks, crevices and breaking into white water rapids, foaming, swirling, and falling in a thunderous din.

White Water River Rafting in the north Indian state of Uttaranchal is the extreme and never-ending thrills in the untamed rivers. The rivers in the upper Himalayas are among the best in the world for river rafting sports, with many challenges, challenging the body and spirit of the river rafter. Uttaranchal has an array of river rafting regions, which suits both amateurs and professionals.

Major Sites for White Water River Rafting
In Garhwal Himalayas, the sacred river Ganga offers the professional as well as the beginners the thrill of whitewater river rafting. The rivers Alakananda & Bhagirathi are the main tributaries of the Ganga and meet Devprayag, frothing from their racy descent. Their waters are grade IV to V, challenging the expert to survive the thrill.

Down river from Devprayag, the Ganga changes into a pool drop river. This stretch of almost 70-kms is perfect for the beginners, for here the river offers some fine grade III rapids and two grade IV rapids, the 'Wall' at Bysi and the 'Golf Course' 4-kms. Below Shivpuri village; each followed by deep and placid pools. Sandy beaches boundaries the river at intervals, allowing river rafters to pull up alongside. The slopes on either side are dominated by oak, pine, spruce and fir, with the occasional village. Wildlife can be seen at a distance, especially spotted Deer, Monkeys, Leopard, while multi hued butterflies can been seen flying from flower to flower.

Situated amongst the thick forest on the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway at an altitude of 480 m, is the place of the mighty waters of Ganga, which are most ideal for whitewater river rafting. Riding the Ganges is an exciting experience and its this apparent invincible power of this majestic river that has attracted the adventure seekers to the challenging sport of river rafting.

River Rafting Places in Uttaranchal
Ganges River, Garhwal,
Gangotri, Garhwal Himalayas,
Lake Paradise, Nanital,
Asan Barrage
Kudiyala Rafters Club


Rock Climbing & Rappelling
In this basic class we'll cover the fundamentals of technical rock climbing/rappelling; knots, top ropes, belaying and rappelling also basic friction, face and crack climbing techniques. After practicing the basics, you'll follow your instructor on an easy but exhilarating multi-pitch climb, as part of a rope team.


Jeep Safari Jeep Safari
Away from the confines of mundane life, the Corbett Jeep safari is a journey into the world that is still untouched by mechanization. The Indian wildlife safari explores the basic wilderness still alive in the Jim Corbett National Park.

Explore the richness of flora and fauna with the Corbett Jeep Safari that unfolds the beauty of the Jim Corbett Park in India. Wildlife Safari of this park is a delight for adventure lovers and wildlife photographers.

Horned rhinoceros, several species of deer, sloth bear, wild boar, fresh water dolphin, leopard, the marsh mugger and gharial crocodiles, over 450 species of birds and the elusive, nocturnal Royal Bengal tiger…you can find them at the verdant Jim Corbett National Park.


The Nature Walk
The forests are full of riches. Living close to the land, and depending on it for sustenance,the Kumaoni villagers know how to tap the precious resources of this vanishing world.

The Nature Walk, which is on the agenda of all guests of Corbett Hideaway Resort, is a guided tour by naturalists, who unveil for you the wonders of the earth. You walk along the banks of the river Kosi, and along simple paths, and the healing herbs are there, all over!


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