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Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh situated along the banks of the River Gomti rose to prominence as the centre of the Nawabs of Avadh. Legend says that Lucknow derived its name from Lucknau named after Lakshmana (a character in the famous Epic Ramayan) when his elder brother Rama gave away this part of the country to him. The huge mausoleums of the nawabs and the ruins of the Residency which stood witness to one of th e most remarkable episodes in the Indian Mutiny in 1857, make it an interesting place to visit. Historically reputed as a city of culture, Lucknow is famous for its gharana of music and chickken (shadow work embroidery) work.

Lucknow, the golden city of the east' retains an old world charm that fascinates one and all. Regarded as one of the finest cities of India, Lucknow emanates a culture that combines emotional warmth, a high degree of sophistication, courtesy and a love for gracious living. This sublime cultural richness famous as 'Lucknowi Tehzeeb' blends the cultures of two communities living side by side for centuries, sharing similar interests, speaking a common language -Urdu. Many of the cultural traits and customs peculiar to Lucknow have become living legends today. The credit for this goes to the Nawabs of Awadh, who took keen interest in every walk oflife and encouraged them to attain a rare degree of perfection.

Naimisharanya / Misrikh
94 Kms. from Lucknow, it is an important religious centre, famous for temples of Goddess Lalita, Dadhichi Kund, Vyas Gaddi, Chakratirth and Hanuman Garhi.

Located 134 Kms. from Lucknow on the right bank of river Saryu, Ayodhya is famous for the temples dedicated to Lord Rama and other deities of Hindu Pantheon. The Hanuman Garhi, Ramkot, Nageshwarnath Temple, Kanak Bhawan, Sita Rasoi and numerous other places of interest can be visited.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary
43 Kms. from Lucknow, on the Lucknow-Kanpur Highway, the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary attracts rare Siberian migratory birds like Pintain, Pigeon, Common Teal, Pochard, Shoveler, Purple Moor Hen, Paraheet among others. Best season is between October and March.

Dewa ShariefDewa Sharief
A living example of Hindu Muslim unity, Dewa Sharief (25 Kms. from Lucknow) is a religious place which enshrine the tomb of Sayyed Haji Waris Ali Shah. During the months of October and November the Dewa Mela is held which attracts the thousands of devotees from all around.

Dudhwa National Park
In the Sal forests of north Lakhimpur Khiri district, situated 238 Kms. from Lucknow, this National Park's start attraction is the Bengal Tiger. The Indian Rhino was also introduced here to save it from extinction. Leopards, Elephants, Beers, Muntjacs, Gharial, Crocodile, spotted swamp Deers can also be seen.

Sri Ram Krishna Math
Sri Ram Krishna Math founded by World-renowned Indian ascetic Swami Vivekanand, in the fond memory of his great spiritual preceptor Sri Ram Krishna Paramhans. The mission since its inception has been working untiringly to spread its message of" ATMANO MOKSHARTHAM JAGAT HITAY CHA" which delineates the very ideal concept put before Math's monks to work for their emancipation through the service of humanity. The motto sentence of Math encapsulates the quintessence of Ram Krishna's preaching which put society's up liftment before individual enlightenment.

The message of one of the greatest saint/reformer of 20th century Swami Vivekanand today does not know any geographical boundaries and has since traversed far and wide touching/criss crossing many known and strange parts of earth through its monks and literature. The message of great Swami also finds its manifestation in the capital city of Avadh i.e. Lucknow. Here stands a marvelous Math in Nirala Nagar. The Math besides conducting spiritual activities, as a part of human-service established Vivekanand Polycare Unit, which in due course has emerged as a popular multi-purpose health care centre having a number of modern facilities.

The Math under the able stewardship of Swami Sridharanand has got constructed a beautiful and inspiring temple of Lord Ram KrishnaSharda Maa and Swamiji. The Math embodies the spirit of Swami Vivekanand born to awaken the soul of slave India who lived for India and left his physical body after completing his mission by inducting, training, grooming numerous noble souls in to his mission. The Math's functioning is a sublime tribute to the ideals of Lord Ram Krishna who saw real godliness in the service of Daridra Narayan.


Getting There

By Air
Lucknow is connected to Calcutta, Patna, Delhi, Bombay by Indian Airlines. Vayudoot services also connects Lucknow with Delhi.

By Rail
Lucknow, on the Northern and North-Eastern Railway, is directly connected with Calcutta and all other main places in India.

By Road
Lucknow is connected by road with Agra (314 kms), Allahabad (225 kms), Calcutta (985 kms), Corbett National Park (280 kms), Delhi (514 kms), Kanpur (79 kms), Varanasi (314 kms) etc.

Local Transport
Taxis, buses, cycle, rickshaws, tempo service available.

Summer - Min 29º C - Max 45º C
Winter - Min 11º.1 C - Max 21.1º C

Rainfall : July - September (44 cm)


Information on weather & climate in Manipur - India

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