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Discover the truly fascinating Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a world in itself! A virtual heaven to the tourists and pilgrims, the state is lavishly blessed by Mother Nature. See the beautiful architecture wonder- Taj Mahal that has attracted people from all over the world. Also visit Chardham the four blessed seats of mythical fame: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri . The holy places like Haridwar and Rishikesh are favourite haunts of the holy sages. The hill resorts like Nainital, Mussoorie, Ranikhet, Khirsu and Almora provide perfect relief during summer heat.

Adventure holidays
India has it all. Be it trekking over mountainous passes, skiing down smooth snowy slopes, riding the waves of the sea on a wind surfer - or a camel in the desert, be it river rafting or trout fishing, India has some of the best - and at incredible prices.

The Himalayan foothills are just ideal for trekking, offering out-door people a different and exciting option for a holiday. The Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttar Pradesh are the most popular destination for trekking, though Chamba and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, and Ladakh and Zanskar in Jammu & Kashmir, have interesting trekking routes as well. We can help you to choose routes.

White Water RaftingWhite Water Rafting
White water rafting is a new sport in India. The Ganga, Bhagirathi and Alaknanda in the Garhwal regions of Uttar Pradesh offer plentiful opportunities for enjoying this port. More popular routes on rapids listed as grade IV to VI on the international scale. The most popular waters for running are the Zanskar (grade III), Indus (grade II - III), Chenab (grade IV-V) and Lidden (grade III-IV), Sutlej (grade IV-V) in Himachal Pradesh. If you require more information, Please contact. Other Adventures are in much like Heli-Sking, Hang-Gliding, Hot-air ballooning, rock climbing.

Water Skiing
Skiing on water does sound a different. A little new to the adventure sports arena of India, water skiing is a lot more thrilling from snow skiing. The first major factor is that there’s no snow or mountainous slopes instead one glides on water. Secondly, you need to be good swimmer because you never know when you have to let go off the tow-rope attached to the boat.

Splashing through the watery depths isn’t new for those who love to glide through waves. There’s a good similarity between surfing and water skiing but the major difference is that here your hands aren’t free. While surfing take places in the high tides of the ocean, water skiing is not restricted to sea only; it can be done in lakes too.

Himalayan Biking
Alright, so you have planned a bike trip to one of the best adventurous destination in India, the Himalayas, but have you decided or pre planned any other cautions that you have to follow while traveling this mountainous region.

Of course Himalayas make the best Indian adventure options, but in enthusiasm to get adrenalin rush, sports lovers sometimes forget that getting involved in an adventure activity among the Himalayas is not meant for amateurs. One such adventure activity is Himalayan Biking, one sport that is easily catching up the popularity charts of adventure sports. But, besides being a regular, experienced biker, you have to keep certain points in mind, before you take up your bike through these mountains.


A bicycling cruiser through a medley of landscape will wear you out but leave you imploring for more. Bicycling trips for the long haul and long-winded rides offer up a Carte du jour of luscious opportunities, for taking up bike tours through serious wilderness landscapes.

Adventure Through Bicycling
India, a treasure of adventure opportunities offers bang-up bicycling encountering. The versatile terrain of India consists of muddy lanes passing through the countryside, broad and smooth highways of the city, routes on flat plains and the meandering mountain roads. Bicycling provides the perfect opportunity to explore the deep interiors of the region where other vehicles are inaccessible. In addition to the excitement of wandering across the countryside, bicycling is also the absolute way of sightseeing- mingling with the locals along the way, taking a halt where-ever you want and of course less exhausting then walking.

Eco-tourism is a novel section adjunct to the Indian tourism plan. Eco tourism facilitates die-hard nature enthusiast to meet Mother Nature in her chaste glory abundant with opulent bio diversities of flora and fauna.

In essence - Eco tourism means making as ineffectual environmental jolt as possible and assists in to uphold the native folk, thereby heartening the conservation of wildlife and habitats when sojourning a site. This is an ideal form of tourism and tourism progress that encourages going back to natural wealth in every aspect of life. It is also the passe-partout to sustainable ecological development.

Eco-tourism is consecrated for preserving and sustaining the diversity of the world's natural and cultural environments. It serves and enthralls its visitors in a way that is imperceptibly impertinent or destructive to the environment and support the native cultures in the locations it is functioning in. Responsibility for both travelers and service providers is the authentic point for Eco tourism.


Info on Adventures, Sports, Trekking, Mountaineering , Water Sports etc of Uttar Pradesh - India

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