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The department of tourism proposes to create and provide necessary infrastructure, equipments and the allied facilities for adventures sports like

(a) Hang Gliding, (b) Para Gliding

Hang GlidPara Glidinging
Gliders can be made available on hire and conveyance to the gliding point and first aid facilities can be provided. Chandak,
Munakot and Dwaj have been proposed into gliding points.

Trekking has come a long way since the days of tedious journeys on foot. Today, it conjures up visions of the spectacular northern and eastern Himalayas, the mist-strewn western ghats or the blue tranquillity of the Nilgiri hills. India is the ultimate destination for a trekking holiday, offering everything from short and easy excursions to the long challenges on the snowy peaks. Trekking is comparatively undemanding, and only requires the stamina to walk long hours and the mental agility to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. And the landscape is indeed spectacular. The trekker will encounter rugged hills and mountains, green slopes carpeted with wild flowers and ice cold streams gurgling over boulders and ground pebbles. Far above in the clear blue sky, eagles wheel and bank while golden orioles, scarlet minivets and white-cheeked bulbuls pierce the pure air with their sweet cries. To take a trek in India is to rediscover the awesome majesty and beauty of nature. The highest mountain range on earth – the Himalayas - forms 3500 kms of India’s northern and eastern frontiers. The spectacle of the snow capped peaks, glaciers, pine forested slopes, rivers and lush meadows of wild flowers cannot be equaled. Peninsular India offers natural beauty of another kind, clothed in green woodland and fragrant orchards. What follows is a description of the important trekking areas in India and there is also a section devoted to general trekking and adventure tourism information.


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