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The area of theCymbidium  Tigrinum  Orchid district was 8,200 Sq. Km. Ukhrul District, the land of the colourful Tangkhuls was marked out first a Sub-Division in 1919 during the British Raj.

Then in November 1969 it was upgraded to a full-fledged district, bearing the nomenclature of Manipur East District. On 15th July, 1983 the area of the Manipur East District was sliced down to 4,544 Sq.Km. and the title of the district was changed into Ukhrul District from chandel district.

Ukhrul is the District Head Quarter which, now, is extended down to Hundung.

Ukhrul District is best introduced by its beautiful Shirui Lily, Lilium Mackleanae Sealy, grown only on the peak of Shirui Kashung, some 18 Km. East of the district HQ. Ukhrul. This world famous Shirui Lily, which belongs to the lilium family was discovered by Frank Kingdon Ward in 1946 when he came toSiroi  Lily Manipur Hills for botanical collection on behalf of the New York Botanical Garden. The rareness and the uniqueness of this Lily is that, it has seven colours when examined through a microscope. Later, Frank won the prestigious prize of the Royal Horticulture Society Award, Landon in 1948. This Lily plant is 2ft. to 3ft. tall, consisting of a hard stem around which lanceolate leaves are spirally arranged.

The District is gifted with rich flora and fauna. There are hundreds of varieties of trees , barderian flowering plants, orchids of enumerable hues and kinds, Epiphetic ferns, varied species of plants and shrubs. Some of the known species of plants and trees are : Alder (Alnus nepalensis), Prunus cirosirdes, Symingtonia, Acacia auriculifornis, Parkia javanica, Paraserrianthes falcotaria, Michelia oblanga, Cmilina arborea, pinus kerya, robinea psedudoacacia, besides various iris species, wild roses, red and white rhododendrons etc.

Shirui Kashung, the floral garden of Shirui Lily; Khankhui Cave; Hundung Mangva Cave; Dilily Water Fall; Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake; Cold Water Fishery Project; Saline Springs; Longpi Pottery; Khayang Peak; Chingjui Matza; Phangrei Picnic Spot; Nillai Tea Estate.

Temperature : 30 Celsius to 330 celsius

Rainfall : 1600 mm to 2100mm


General Information & Accomdation info on Ukhrul city of Manipur - India

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