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Mahe is a tiny point in the Geographical map of Kerela, the million earner for the distant Pondicherry Government, 647 kms away from Pondicherry. In this former small French Town which covers an area of 9 Sq. kms , over 36,000 inhabitants live in peace.

On examination of the history of Kerala no concrete evidence is available mentioning the place ‘Mahe’ other wise called by the natives "Mayyazhi". It is only after the settlement of the French, the name Mahe (Mayyazhi) got a place in the geographical map of India.

St Theresa Church
It lies on the Main Road. The most famous Christian Church in Malabar. The Church was built during French Reign and it stands as a monument to the legacy of French rule. The festival is celebrated from 5th to 22nd October every year and the important dates are 14th and 15th. It is a festival of Mahe irrespective of religion or caste. For the entire people of Mahe consider this church as their own. The people all over Kerela and from neighboring Districts of Karnataka come and visit the church during this festival.

Once, as the legend goes, a ship was sailing through the Arabian sea in Malabar. When it reached the horizon of Mahe, the ship got stuck up. The Captain of the ship after a prolonged effort to move it, found, to his surprise, a statue of ST.Theresa which he brought to the shore where he constructed a place for erecting this statue. It is only after this, that, as the myth has it, the ship could sail again.In course of time, that place became the famous church.

Puthalam Forts
The Puthalam festival takes place in the 1st fortnight of every March. It is duriPuthalam Fortng this period of festival that the Theyyam gets enacted

Theyyattam or Thirayattam is the most famous ritual art of North Kerala which is a combination of art craft, choreography, painting, dancing, acting and singing. Puthalam is famous for its ancient temple and kuttichathan, the God, another incarnation of Vishnu.

Othenan's Fort
Remnants of this castle may be seen just at the corner of the Kozhikode Kannur National Highway near the Mini Civil Station. This is believed to have been built by Thatcholi Othenan, a widely known folk-lore hero who became the Robin hood of North Malabar.

St.George Fort
Situated on the highest hill of Cherukallayi one kilometer from Mahe. The French constructed a Fort here and the ruminants could now be seen. You may have a panoramic view of Mahe from here.

It is near this fort, that the TV. Relay station of Mahe has been built.

Payyambalam Beach
Payyambalam is the beach of Kannur town. It is long and clean. Flat laterite cliPayyambalam Beachffs just into the sea at one end. Picturesque and incredibly beautiful. The Naura cafeteria and the well laid out gardens greet the vistors to Payyambalam. The beach is only walking distance from Fort St.Angelo. Veteran freedom fighters like A.K.G, Swadeshabimani, Chirakkal T etc were cremated here.

Muzhappilangad Beach
Muzhappilangad is 14kms from Mahe. A long clean beach, its enchanting ambience invites you to swim. sunbathe or just lounge around. Black rocks protect Muzhappilangad from the currents from the deep, making its shallow water a swimmers paradise. Muzhappilangad is Kerala's only drive in beach which is about 5kms long. From Muzhappilangad you can see the Dharmadam island (Pacha Thuruth) just across the Arayakkandy river, a remarkable conjunction of beach and island.

Gundert Bungalow
It lies near Tellicherry town on the National highway at Illikunnu. Dr.Herman Gundert, the reverent German priest, researcher and scholar lived in this bunglow for 20 years from 1839 and produced the first Malayalam Dictionary, first Malayalam news paper 'Paschimodayam' etc.

Overburys Folly
Walk able distance from Thalassery town, a sea view site surrounded by the Sai gym, Thalassery Stadium, Thalassery Fort and the Arabian sea. The beautifully constructed and arranged palace which is perfect for a silent evening. Recently renovated site includes an open air stage. This is a show of perfect architectural art.

Dharmadam Island
A small island full of coconut palms and green bush extending to 5 acres. 100 meters away from the main land at Dharmadam. The island (private land) is a beautiful sight from the beach. Permission is required to enter into the island from its owners. It is located 15 kms away from Mahe.

Pazhassi Dam
An ideal retreat for tourists, it lies 50 km from Mahe near Mattannur. Magnificent picturesque scenes are found here. Pleasure boating facilities are being provided by DTPC in the reservoir. Accommodation available in the project inspection Bungalow and dormitories.

Malayala Kalagramam
It is situated near the Mahe bridge. Connoisseurs can find the Malayala Kalagramam as a renowned center for arts and ideas. It houses the only Art gallery in Kannur. Courses in painting, sculpture, music, dance and pottery are offered.


General Information & Accomdation info on Mahe city of Kerala - India

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