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In kerala, life is a celebration. A close look at the kerala calendar will reveal that this is a land where the festivals never end, adding to the magnificance of the festivals of kerala are fleets of caparisoned elephants, mounted by men holding white plumes swaying in the air the - most breathtaking of kerals's visual wonders. While there is no dearth of festivals in the state, the excitement speaks during the season of onam, exemplified in the legendary boat races and the week - long festivities, understandably, all these celebrations take place with a lot of fanfare.

Onam Onam  Festival
Onam is the annual harvest festival of kerala. Celebrations are on for ten days, beginning with the atham day of the malayalam month chingam.

Floral decorations, Elephant processions, Thiruvathirakali, Classical and folk dance performances, Classical and folk music recitals, Cultural pageants, Water carnivals.

Thrissur Pooram
This festival held at Thekinkadu Maidan at Thrissur in the month of May.

Pageant of 30 caparisoned elephants assembled in the precincts of the vadakumnathan temple. The nearby paramekavu and thiruvambadi temples are also participants in the festival. Kudamattam (changing of umbralla from hands to hands) Chendamelain (kind of drums) Panchavadyam (five typical instruments played) Spectacular fireworks display.

Champakulam Boat Race Champakulam Boat  Race
This is one of the most popular boat races of kerala.

Pceremonial water procession, Spectacular water floats, Decorated boats, Vanchipattu (folk song of the oarsmen). The chundanvallom (snake boat, over 100 feet in length, with a Raised prow similar to the hood of a snake) race.

This festival is celebrated in the month of Vrischikam (Nov -Dec). Display of light in the evening is a unique part of the festival.

Thiruvathira falls on the month of Dhanu (December-January) and is a women's festival. It commemorates the death of Kamadeva, the cupid of Hindu mythology. The aim of the celebration is conjugal harmony and happiness. The dance form Thiruvathirkkali is associated with this celebration.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race (Allepey)
This is the greatest event on the backwaters of kerala, is held on the second saturday of august every year. Magnificent snakeboats compete for the prized trophy which was instituted by jawaharlal nehru, the first prime minister of india.

Ceremonial water procession, Spectacular water floats, Decorated boats, Vanchipattu, Races of smaller country crafts, Chundanvellom race.

Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race (Allepey)
The event is a memoRajiv  Gandhi Boat Racerial to the former prime minister. Colourful water procession, Water floats, Boat races.

Aranmula Vallamkali
10 km from chengannur. This traditional boat race conducted at sree parthasarathy temple, aranmula in connection with the onam celebrations is more of a water fiesta than a competition.

Another national festival. Deepavali means the festival of lights. There are many legends connected with the festival. Some say that it is a celebration of sree krishna's victory over the demon narakasura; others hold that it is the day sree rama returned from exile.

All houses are lit with rows and rows of small earthern oil lamps. Special devotional rites to lakshmi., The goddess of prosperity. Entire day of merrymaking and feasting. Distribution of special deepavali sweets. Fireworks and crackers.

Christmas is celebrated with equal enthusiasm by all communities in kerala. Stars decorate houses right from the second week of december. Christmas trees, decoration and festive music ring through the state. Midnight mass and special rites at all christian churches. Social and cultural events. Fireworks and colourful illuminations.

Indira Gandhi Boat Race
Indira gandhi boat race on the cochin backwaters. The race is organised as part of celebration cochin. Over sixteen snake boats participate in this scintillating event. 14 january 2002

Makaravilakku at sree dharamasastha temple, sabarimala. This is one ofElephant Festival the few occasions when the temple is open to the public.

On the evening of makara sankranthi, the makara vilakku/makara jyothi ( the light of kakara) is believed to be seen on the eastern horizon. Thousands of pilgrims gather here to witness the event. Special devotional rites Devotees are decreed to practise severe austerities and total abstinence for 60 days before climbing the hills to the temple.

Maramom Convention
16 km from thiruvalla, pathanamthitta, on the banks of river pamba in february, every year. Considered the largest gathering of christians in asia, Bible study and discourses by scholars from india and abroad, Religious readings, Hymnals, Faith healing sessions, People arrive in country crafts (valloms)

Local Festivals
Jarram Nercha - Thervath Mosque, Pallanchathanur
Nercha Festival - Ottapalam Mosque
Jarram Nercha - Theruvath Mosque
Malappuram Nercha - Malappuram Mosque
Kodikuthu Festival - Kanjiramattom Mosque
Chandanakkudam Festival- Beemapalli, Thiruvananthapuram


Info on Fairs and Festivals of Kerala - india

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