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Fairs and festivals are as old as mankind and it provides an index "to 'the cultural, social and domestic life of the people. Festivals of socio-religious nature provide an atmosphere of devotion and enjoyment. Some festivals mark the seasonal changes and some are local in character and are associated with some place, saint or pir. Most of the festivals are based on legends and aim at propitiating deities. Besides there are certain fairs and festivals, which are local in character and are celebrated by the people in the district.

With a rich cultural heritage, Karnataka celebrates various colorful fairs and festivals. Apart from the many festivals celebrated in India, Karnataka has its own set of festivals which have a special importance for the people of Karnataka.

[ Pattadakkal Dance Festival | Makar Sankranti | Hoysala Mahotsava | Ganesh Chaturthi | Hampi Festival | Dussera Festival ]

Pattadakkal Pattadakkal Dance Festival
Pattadakkal, the ancient capital of the chalukyan kings, is a place of beautiful temples. A festival of dance celebrates this marvelous heritage. It is celebrated in the month of January.It gives the beautiful and mystical look of this great festival of music and dance.



Makar Sankranti
Makara Sankranti or Pongal is a harvest festival and one of the most joyful events in Karnataka. In Karnataka, the festival is called 'Sankranti', where cows and bullocks are gaily decorated and fed with 'Pongal'. In the evening, the cattle are led out in procession to the beat of drums and music. It is also a celebration of the occasion of the 'ascent' of the sun to the north (Uttarayana).

Sesame Ladoos and sugar drops are distributed as a symbol of the need to be generous and kind to everyone. Women wear new clothes, new glass bangles and hold get-togethers to share sweets and gifts. A new bride is given ornaments made of sugar drops and her new relatives are invited to meet and welcome her at a haldi kumkum celebration.


Belur - Hoysala TempleHoysala Mahotsava (Belur - Helebid)
Hoysala Mahotsava is a magnificent dance festival held at Belur and Halebid. The splendid Hoysala temples with their sculptural extravaganza, make the perfect venue for this cultural feast. It is celebrated in the month of March.




Ganesh ChaturthiGanesh Chaturthi
This day is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of all good beginnings and success. Held annually, this festival is a ten day long event. The images of Lord ganesha are installed and worshipped and on the last day these are taken in processions to be immersed in flowing water. The sea front, packed with people, is a spectacular sight. It is celebrated in September.




Hampi Festival Hampi Festival
Hampi festival, also known as Vijaya Utsav, is celebrated to recreate the grandeur of the erstwhile Vijayanagar Empire. The magnificent city of Hampi, come alive with the strains of music and sounds of dance. It is held in the first week of November.



Dussera festival - MysoreDussera festival
Dussehra celebration is held in October every year in Mysore and is celebrated with great pomp and pleasure, echoing the grandeur of its royal past marking the victory of good over evil. The palace and city are lit up for ten days and the entire city wears a festive look. Festivals of music, dance and theatres are held. On the Chamundi hill, at the temple of Chamundeshwari a regal procession of decorated elephants, courtiers and court symbols wends its circuitous way to the temple, decorated splendidly for the festival. On reaching the temple, prayers are offered to the goddess. The closing ceremonies include cultural performances from different states, gymnastic and equestrian events, followed by a torch light tattoo and fireworks.


Info on Fairs and Festivals of Karnataka - India

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