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Rock Climbing
In Karnataka there are the Chamundi Hills. Sahyadri Range (Western Ghats) having natural rock climbing areas with various grades of difficulties.

This hillock, around 10kms away from the Bangalore city enroute Kanakapura, is located on the boundary of the Banneraghatta Reserved Forest. It has boulders of various size presenting variety of problems for both the beginner and the practicing professional.

How to get there:
From Gubba Lala village Turahalli is just about 1.5kms. And the bouldering area is adjacent to this village.

Sundays are usually crowded with all sorts of climbers both amateur to professionals. This place is also a quiet place for the peace loving outdoor person who just wants to walk around in a serene place.

Kabbaldurga is 75Kms away from Bangalore City in Bangalore (Rural) district and is around 15kms away from the Kanakapura and 22kms from Channapatna. It is a rocky hill with a temple of Goddess Kabbalamma at the top. It is just a few kilometers away from the Kanakapura Bheemeshwari road. It gets its name from the Goddess Kabbalamma and fort. Now the temple is in ruins. There is a village by the same name at the foothill. It has few climbing routes (two bolted routes). Though an easy walkup will take a common man to the top, the numerous climbing routes tempt any climber.

Badami is around 70 kilometers from Hampi and this place is a favourite among the climbers both in india and abroad. The type of rock here is red sandstone. Because of the nature of the sandstone the climbing here is a enjoyable experience unlike the hard granite stuff. The crag has miles of sandstone to offer for any climber, be it a beginner or a professional. There are various bolted routes as well.

Ram Nagar
Ram Nagar is 40Kms from Bangalore City on the Mysore - Bangalore Highway.

Ram Nagar, Mecca of Rock Climbers, has a lot of opportunities for the budding and professional climbers. The whole cluster is spread over many kilometers, with a moderate town adjacent to the Bangalore-Mysore Highway Climbs of various grades along with few bolted routes are present there. There are few temples present at the top of few hillocks. The film "Sholay" was shoot here.

BangaloreArtificial Climbing Wall at Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore.
The new Climbing wall of international standards is constructed at Kanteerava Stadium.

Artificial Climbing Wall at State Youth Center, Bangalore.
The State Youth Center located at Nrupatunga Road has a artificial climbing wall. The General Thimmaih Academy of Adventure Sports is also situated in the premises.


Water Sports - View of the River CauveryWater Sports
Honnemaradu, a small village, is a heaven for water sports. It is located amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats along the expansive Sharavati backwaters near Sagar. Match your wits against the water with activities like coracling, canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing. The stretches of surf between Gokarna and Karwar are perfect for water sports. Surf the waves at Marawanthe beach, or visit Devbagh for scuba diving and a taste of underwater action. It is the ultimate destination for water lovers and the perfect place for those who enjoy island vacations. Devbagh is also a popular haunt for power sailing, water skiing, sailing and water sledging (water banana.)

River Rafting and Angling
River rafting is a unique and exhilarating experience. The thrills of white water rafting on the Kali river at Dandeli is amazing. Kemphole is another popular destination for white water enthusiasts. Sitanadi (near Agumbe) and Netravati are also favourite white water rafting spots. The azure waters of the Cauvery also provide for some great river rafting. The azure waters of the river Cauvery, are ideal for river rafting.


Trekking in India is an unforgettable experience and it gives us the experience to explore trails made by nature. There are a number of trekking places in Karnataka.

Kumara parvata:
This peak is one of the most beautiful peaks in the whole of Western Ghats. Kumara Parvata is at an altitude of 5000 feet, the route is around 15kms from Subramanya. There are two routes for reaching the peak (Pushpagiri), you can either start from subramanya or from the other side, i.e., Somwarpet in Coorg.

Kudure mukhaKudure mukha
Kudremukha is one of the most beautiful peak in Western Ghats. It has a very rich biodiversity and home to certain species of wildlife which is no where else found on this planet. Samse is a few kilometers from kudremukh town,from where the trek starts

The trekking route passes through some lovely shola (montane) forests near the top. About 1/2 an hour below the summit,the route passes near an abandoned church and a small waterfall. One should take the time to explore the church,and also to watch out for the amazing birdlife there. Another peak Kurinjal in the same vicinity is almost at the height of Kudremukh. It is about 20+kms from Kudremukh colony and about 10+kms from the main road to Kudremukh colony. The point where you start is about 9kms from kudremukh colony.

Tadianda mol
Tadianda mol means"Highest Point" as called in Kodava language. This peak is the highest one in the Madikeri district situated near Vir raj pet about 30kms away on the way to Napoklu, Bhagamandala. This peak is just adjacent to the Makutta forest. On the way, you also get a old palace called 'Nalku Naadu Aramane'.

This is the highest peak in Shimoga District. It is believed that 'Shankaracharya' did meditation. at this peak which is known as 'Sarvajna Peetha' . En route to the peak you will also find a moderate sized water fall deep inside the evergreen forest of Kodachadri, which is called 'Agastya Teertha'. The peak presents a not to be missed life-time opportunity in the evening as the sun sets in the west. You can also have a golden glimpse of the Arabian Sea for a moment.

Aagumbe peak is inside the Kudremukh National Park . From the peak, if you see in the north west direction you will find a tower of relay station of Aagumbe. If you see to a little right to that you will find a bald patch of significant area between the forest, this place is the paddy fields of the Mallandoor village. There is a big valley between Narasimha parvata and Mallandoor. This trek to the Mallandoor village is about 6-7hrs.You may not find any paths in the jungle.

The Barkana view point near it gives a splendid bird's-eye view of the Barkana falls and the great forest of the Western Ghats. Jogigundi is a place where a stream forms a waterfall. It is a good camping area.

Green routeGreen route
Green route is one of the most charming spot in the Western Ghats. This is a station on the in between Sakalesh Pura and Subramanya Road station This railway station is a unique beautiful spot in the whole railway track because of the dense green forest in which it is situated. This has been one of the best treks which had an element of surprise, spooky villagers, risky bridges, really eerie tunnels full of Bats, waterfall and streams.



Info on Adventures, Sports, Trekking, Mountaineering , Water Sports etc. of Karnataka - India

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