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Blessed with an abundance of Natural beauty, the Kullu Valley, Himachal's prized tourist destination, is rightly celebrated as the valley of the Gods. Nestled between the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges, it is the cradle of the great River Beas. About 80km long, this lush valley extends from the gorge at Aut to the Rohtang pass. it harbours forests, alpine meadows, gurgling rivulets and orchards laden with fruit, and its Inhabitants are a joyful and gentlepeople. Treat yourself to a glimpse of this Himalayan paradise. Wander through the valley, succumb to its Magical charms and discover Himachal at its best.

Kullu (1220m) was once known as Kulanthpitha- 'the end of the habitable world'. Beyond rose the forbidding heights of the Greater Himalayas, and by the banks of the shining river Beas, lay the fabled 'Silver Velley.' Kullu got its first motorable access only after Independence. The long centuries of seclusion have however allowed the area to retain a considerable measure of its traditional charm. Here is the core of an intricate web of numerous valleys each of which is a visual delight and seems more beautiful than the other. The 'Silver Valley' has nature's treasures that lie carelessly scattered as flowers on the high meadows. Here are riches which cannot be measured and echo down the ages with the words of every myth and ancient legend- and glow in the warm smiles of its gentle people. There is pleasure in every step you take in these enchanted valleys and in every gurgle you hear in the clear mountain streams.


Raghunath Temple
In the 17th century, Raja Jagat Singh of Kulu committed a great wrong. To atone for the sin he sent a senior counter to Ayodhya for statue of Lord Raghunath- Lord Rama. This temple was built by Raja Jagat Singh to house the image and even today, is greatly revered.

Bajaura (15 km)
One of the most charming temples in the Kullu valley, this is renowned for its intricate stone carvings.

Kaisdhar (15 km)
A high meadow fringed by deodar trees. A pictureque spot.

Kasol (42 km)
An open glade by the banks of the river Paravti. Clean white sand separates the lush green grass from the waters. A good spot for trout. Himachal Tourism has a Tourist Hut here.

Manikaran (45km)
At 1737 m, here are hot sulphur springs that bubble next to the icy waters of the Parvati river. The place is revered by both Hindus and Sikhs. Treks from here lead to Pulga, Khirganga and Mantalai- a strech of considerable natural beauty. The route finally reaches the Pin Parvati Pass (4802 m) which opens into the Sutlej valley. At Manikaran Himachal Tourism runs the Hotel Parvati.



When Dussehra celebrations come to an end in the rest of the country, they begin at Kullu. Over 600 local deities come to pay homage to Lord Raghunath. This is a time when the valley is at its colourful best. to Malana, over the Jalori Pass or Bashleo Pass to Shimla, and over the Pin Parvati Pass to Sarahan

Pin Parvati Pass to Sarahan
The river Beas offers excellent opportunities for while water rafting.

Adventures & Sports

The Kullu valley has numerous places for trout fishing. These include Katrain, Raison, Kasol and Naggar, then along the river Tirthan near Larji, in the Sainj Valley and in the Hurla Khud.The valley is the nucleus of several trek routes. Some major ones are over the Chander khani Pass

Getting There
The airport at Bhuntar is 10km from Kullu, where taxis and buses are available. The closest narrow gauge railhead is at Jogindernager, 95km from Kullu. By road, the distance from Delhi via Mandi is 530 km and from Shimla this is 240km. From Delhi and Shimla, luxury buses fly to Kullu.

In winter, the temperature gets quite low when heavy woollens are required. It is pleasant in summer and cottons are recommended.

Shawls, local tweeds, rugs ('namdas'), foot wear ('pullan'), baskets, natural oils (almond and olive), caps.


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