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Kurukshetra is situated in the north Indian state of Haryana. The name Kurukshetra was originally given to an area covered by 48 kosas (an Indian form of measuring land) where 860 places of pilgrimagSaraswati River in Kurukshetrae related to the Mahabharata exist today. Extending between 29.97'N and 76.85'E, Kurukshetra is in the district of Karnal, about 150 km northw.

Kurukshetra is a place of great historical and religious importance, revered all over the country for its sacred association with the Vedas and the Vedic Culture. It was here that the battle of Mahabharat was fought and Lord Krishna preached his Philosophy of 'KARMA' as enshrined in the Holy Bhagwad-Gita, to Arjuna at Jyotisar. In the very first verse of Bhagwad-Gita, Kurukshetra is described as DHARAMKSHETRA i.e. 'Region of righteousness'. According to Hindu mythology, the name Kurukshetra applied to a circuit of about 48 KOS or about 128 Km which includes a large number of holy places, temples and tanks connected with the ancient Indian traditions and the Mahabharat War and Kurus, the ancestor of Kouravs and Pandavs. Kurukshetra is intimately related to the Aryan civilization and its growth along the Saraswati river.

There are about 360 Tirthas of religious and historic importance. The foremost among the Kurukshetra tirthas are Brahmsarovar or Kurukshetra Tank, Sannihit Tank, Sthanesvra Mahadev Mandir, Jyotisar, Baan-ganga, Bhisam Kund (Narkatari) Chandrakupa, Nabhi Kamal, Bhadarkali Mandir, Arnai Temple, Prachi Tirath Pehowa, Saraswati Tirath Pehowa, Prithduk Tirath Pehowa, Rantuk Yaksh Bir pipli, Karan Ka Tila,etc.

A few archaeological sites which have yielded various objects of interest and a distinctive class of pottery known as the Painted Grey Ware (PGW) are Raja Karan Ka Tila, Asthipura, Bhor Saidan, Bhagpura and Daulatpur.

Kurukshetra is one of the very few places visited by all the Sikh Gurus and Gurdwaras have been erected to commemorate their visit, the most prominent among them being the Gurdwara Patshahi dedicated to the sixth Guru Hargobind. Hundreds of devotees visit this shrine every day whose design is simply marvBrahmsarovar elous. The eighth Sikh guru Harkishan performed a miracle of making a deaf and dumb boy recite verses from the Bhagvad-Gita. The ninth Guru, Teg Bahadur, set camp near Sthaneshwar tirtha where a gurdwara now stands. Gurdwara Rajghat, the biggest all the Kurukshetra gurdwaras, is located near the main bank of the Kurukshetra tank. This was built in the memory of the Guru Gobind Singh who came here.

Tomb of Sufi saint Sheikh Chilhi Jalal is a fascinating monument, octagonal in shape, crowned with a dome of white marble and surrounded by a white marble courtyard. Also worth a visit are, Chini Masjid and Pathar Masjid.

Each year in November and December, the Brahma Sarovar attracts large crowds to observe Deep Daan and Aarti, the ceremonies especially held to celebrate Gita Jayanti. There are also theatre performances, music recitals and pageants that bring the atmosphere to life.


Getting There
Kurukshetra is well connected and has many access by Road, Rail and Air. The journey is comfortable with various facilities provided enroute.

By Air
The Airports close to Kurukshetra are at Delhi and Chandigarh, which are well connected by road and rail. Taxi service is also available.

By Rail
Kurukshetra is a railway junction, well connected with all important towns and cities of the country. The Shatabadi Express halts here.

By Road
Buses of Haryana Roadways and other State Corporations ply through Kurukshetra and connect it to Delhi, Chandigarh and other important places.


Climate of the district is very hot in summer (upto 47 C) and cold in winter (down to 1 C) with rains in July and August.

Best time to visit
Climatically, Kurukshetra has three major seasons. The summer season (April'June) raises the mercury to as high as 110'F. Rainy season is from July to September. The average annual rainfall is 58 cm. Winter months are from October to March, when the temperature dips to as low as 40'F. This is the best season to visit Kurukshetra.


General Information & Accomdation info on Kurukshetra city of Haryana - India

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