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In Delhi, exciting events takes place throughout the year. The festivals have their share of cultural, religious and state extravaganza.

Lori is a winter festival celebrated in January. The festival marks the peak of winter and celebrated with burning bonfires, singing and dancing.

Republic Day ParadeRepublic Day Parade
A national festival that no tourist should miss. Celebrated on the 26th of January when India became a Republic. It is the most spectacular pageant of Delhi. The march past includes military displays, elephant pageantry, floats representing different states etc.

Garden Tourism Festival
Delhi Tourism holds the Garden Tourism Festival at the end of February that is generally spread over three days and generates much enthusiasm amongst the gardening fraternity. Delhi is ablaze with flowers at this time. It is also a useful meeting ground for gardening enthusiasts, as well as fun and frolic for children of all ages. Back...

This festival of color is celebrated in March. Men and women stain each other by throwing colors at. Singing and dancing accompany the joyous occasion.

It means the festival of flower sellers. A Festival representative of communal harmony where large fans decorated with flowers are taken out in a procession. On this occasion the flower sellers present flowers to the gods and pray for a better flower season next year.

Mango FestivalMango Festival
The mango festival is held in Delhi during the month of July. Many verities of mangos from the 1100 plus verities those India grow are displayed.

Independent Day Celebrations
Independent Day is celebrated on August 15. Processions and flag hoisting on the Red Fort mark the celebration.

It is a ten days festival, celebrated in Sept./Oct., of which nine days are spent in worship. The tenth day is a celebration of victory of good over evil. Huge effigies of Ravana, the demon king, are burned on the last day of festival. The heroic deeds of Lord Rama who destroyed Ravana are enacted in songs and dance.

Qutab Festival of Classical Music and Dance
The festival is staged around Sharad Pournima in the month of October at the Qutab Minar complex. Evocative melodies and graceful dances are presented by various prominent artistes of the country.

Diwali, the festival of lights and fireworks is celebrated throughout the country during Oct-Nov. People illuminate their houses with rows of earthen lamps to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. At night crackers are burst to celebrate the return of Lord Rama from exile.

Flower Shows
Delhi also conducts various flower shows in the winter months. Rose Show, Chrysanthemum Show and Delhi Flower Show are among them.

Urs Of Hazarat Nizamuddin AuliaUrs Of Hazarat Nizamuddin Aulia
a Muslim saint of the 14th century, is celebrated in November or December at his tomb at Nizamuddin. This is celebrated with a lot of pomp along with the accompaniment of quawalis and a wide array of sweet meat and kababs.

like elsewhere in the world is celebrated in Delhi with a lot of gaiety and festivity. Special services are held at the churches.

International Trade Fair
Quiet apart from religious events that take up the Delhi calendar, there are also other regular events that are hosted in Delhi like the International Trade Fair that is held annually at the Pragati Maidan. The Pragati Maidan also hosts a variety of events at regular intervals. This is also one of the largest Trade Fair Complexes in Asia.

Delhi Horse ShowDelhi Horse Show
In winter Delhi plays host to a number of events like the Delhi Horse Show that is held in November or in December outside the walls of the Red Fort. The vintage car rally is also held in the same period and this is a show one should not miss. It displays a good number of cars left from the period of the British Raj.

Surajkund Crafts Mela
Then there is also the Surajkund Crafts Mela where the villagers from the adjoining villages bring out their handicrafts and also to display their skills. A variety of rural entertainment’s add colour to the impressive fair.


Info on Fairs and Festivals of Delhi - India

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