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Indira Gandhi Zoological parkIndira Gandhi Zoological park:
The park covers an area of 625 acres. It is presently one of the largest zoo located in the natural settings of a reserve forest about 4 km. from the Visakhapatnam railway station on the National Highway at Mathurawada. Nearly eighty species of animals numbering to about eight hundred are present in the zoo. The Zoo Park has different sections for primates, carnivores, lesser carnivores, small mammals, reptiles, ungulates, and birds.

  • Primates: This section houses various species of monkeys - the common Langur, Rhesus monkey, Bonnet Monkey and other exotic fauna like Mandrills, Olive Baboons and Sacred Baboons.

  • Carnivores: This section has Panthers, Tigers, Lions, Pumas, Jaguars and lesser carnivores like the Wolves, Jackals, Wild Dogs, Hyenas, etc. The Himalayan Black Bear and the Sloth Bear are housed in large mooted enclosures. The Hippopotamus is a special attraction at the zoo. The Crocodile Complex has all the three Indian Crocodile species.

  • Reptiles: The Reptile section has Pythons, Snakes, Land Tortoises, Terrapins, Water Monitor Lizards and Monitor Lizards etc.

  • Herbivores: Elephant, Bison, Sambar, Spotted Deer and Thamin Deer are in the collection.

  • Aves: A varied collection of birds from the Eastern Ghats in the large walk-through aviaries is a special attraction of the zoo. The Grey Pelicans, Rosy Pelicans, Pied Horn Bills, Painted Storks, Peacocks, Ducks, Love Birds, Budgerigars and Cockateels form the bird collection of the Zoo.


Mahaveer Harina Vanasthali National Park:
The park was established in 1977. The park is located at Vanasthalipuram, at a distance of 20 km from the city and originally the area was under the Nizam.

The flora is of dry scrub jungle with grasslands. Major plant species found here are Neem, Butea (Flame of the forest), Acacias, Bauhinias etc. apart from a variety of thorny scrub species. The park is also famous for the endangered Black Buck, the state animal of Andhra Pradesh.

The other species of animals commonly seen are Monitor Lizards, Mongooses, Porcupines and Hares besides a variety of Snakes. The avian fauna of the park comprises over 100 species and includes Partridges, Quails, Peacocks, Doves and birds of prey like Kites, Vultures etc. A variety of migratory birds can also be seen round the year. Short-toed Eagle is another rare species nesting in this area. This center offers audio-visual education on nature and wildlife and is supported by a good nature library. An exhibition hall displaying exhibits explaining intricate problems of wildlife conservation.


Nehru Zoological Park:
The Nehru Zoological Park, was declared open to the public on 6th October 1963. Spanning 300 lush green acres, the Nehru Zoological Park is a must for nature lovers. The biggest Zoo in India, it has over 250 species of animals and birds, most of which are kept in conditions as close to their natural habitats as possible. This is the first zoo to create moated enclosures for animals. The Lion Safari Park, Natural History Museum and Children's Train are the added attractions.

It has bred some notable exotic and indigenous animals and birds like the Indian Rhino, Asiatic Lion, Tiger, Panther, Giraffe and Gaur etc., a number of Deer and Antelopes. In fact, animals bred in the Zoo have been distributed to various Deer parks and also sanctuaries for restoring the depleted animals. Even the lions, both African and Indian are exhibited in this Zoo. It is a treat for the visitors to visit the only safari park for Indian Lions in Asia, with almost natural forest setting. The Tigers both white and normal have their own forest glades. The Panthers (normal&black) are exhibited in large enclosures with rock cliffs. Others include the Wolves, Jackals, Foxes and Hyena. Ratel and others represent the Weasel group.

The Bear, are represented by a group of Sloth-bears, Himalayan black bear in large moated enclosures. Leading the group are the herd of Indian Elephants in a large grassy open enclosure, closely followed by the rare Great Indian Rhinoceros. Matching these are the group of Hippopotamus from Africa standing proud with their young ones. The zebras and the American Bison occupy a place of honour in the Zoo with their Indian neighbours, the Gaur and the rare Indian wild Asses.

The exclusively Indian Antelopes, Nilgai Black Buck, Chousingha and Chinkara have large spacious open enclosures. The Deer group includes the large Sambar and the beautiful Cheetal (Spotted Deer), the Barking Deer and Mouse Deer. The pride possession among the deer is the group of Manipur or Brow Antler Deer, which are almost extinct in the wild. The rodents are represented by the colourful Malabar Giant Squirrels, Malayan squirrels, Porcupines, Rabbits, Guinea pigs etc. The Zoo is successful in breeding all varieties of deer and are proud to revive and rehabilitate most of them in the wild.


Information on wildlife tours, wildlife viewing, wildlife park and nature of Andhra Pradesh - India

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