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Traditional Crafts

Andhra Pradesh - BidriIn keeping with the rich traditions of the State, the people of Andhra Pradesh have patronised a host of arts and crafts that not only enrich the milieu but also earned the artisans a decent livelihood. Andhra Pradesh has given the world a number of forms of performing arts, handlooms and ornaments. Kalamkari, Bidri, Nirmal paintings, fascinating weaves from Pochampalli, Gadwal, Venkatagiri and a number of other centres have earned a name all over the world. The State is well known for its handlooms and textiles and its silk sarees are among the best produced in the country. The people of the State too have been patrons of the arts and crafts and this has resulted in the traditions being kept alive through the ages. It is such exclusive and delicate material as silk that the artisans of Andhra Pradesh deal in, but metalware, carpets, wood and stone carving too. From the exquisite silver filigree and brass and sheet metalware, artisans of Andhra Pradesh strive to bring out the best and it is sheer magic when they get down to producing their ware.

Andhra Pradesh also has an age-old tradition of hand-woven fabrics. Sarees of the most exquisite, unique and generic designs are found in Andhra Pradesh. Silk and cotton saris come from the looms of Pochampalli, Venkatagiri, Gadwal, Narayanpet and Dharmavaram, and are household names throughout India. They are named after the place of their origin. Each of these weaving styles is distinct producing a unique variety of fabric, known for their fine cotton and elaborate pallu's and beautiful borders with ornate gold thread work.


Kuchipudi DanceKuchipudi Dance:
Kuchipudi is Andhra's outstanding contribution towards the enrichment of the culture of India. Divine in form, it is famous for its grace, elegance and charm and this dance form derives its name from the village of its origin, Kuchipudi in Krishna District, where great artistes built up, nurtured, protected and refined this dance form into the great technique that it has grown into today.

Folk Dances:
Yakshagana is another famous folk art of south India. It began as a ballad singing art form in the olden days, but later on it was transformed into a dance drama form. The mention of Yahshagana is found in Bheemakhanda, a 15th century literary work by Srinadha. It was popularly known as Bahunatakas and later assumed a definite form of Yakshagana. It got its name after the "Yakshas" or "Jakkulas" who practised singing and dance. Initially a single dancer performed this dance, but gradually it evolved into a complete dramatic form with many characters by the 17-18th century.


Information on Traditional Crafts, arts, handicrafts of Andhra Pradesh - India

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